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Cant have a wedding without one of these special people


Pamela Anne  Celebrant

People describe me as light-hearted, vivacious, creative, down-to-earth, and kind. I am a professional with high volumes of integrity and compassion for others. ​ Whether you want your ceremony to be an intimate no-fuss affair or one with the lot, or something in between, I apply the same level of commitment and professionalism to each and every ceremony. I proudly support marriage equality, all cultures, and beliefs. Love is love and forming families, traditional or not is good for the soul.


Erin Mcmahon  Sweet Wonderful You 

Spending my time with my couples in the lead up to and on their big day makes me so incredibly happy, and delivering a ceremony that makes them & all their guests smile, laugh or even cry makes it even better! What can I say, ‘I love LOVE.’ ​


Lisa Butler Celebrant

Getting married is a serious occasion...but let's have some fun along the way. No two couples are the same, so no two ceremonies should be

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