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Drone Wedding Displays

Truly Unforgettable Truly Memorable

Innovation , Enviromentally friendly, Fully Customised to your design.

Weddings are one of life’s significant milestones and genuinely deserve a celebration.
Our drone light shows help you take that celebration to the world’s biggest stage – the sky!
What makes you think drone light displays are the ‘next big thing’ in the wedding industry?
The wedding industry, like every other industry, is looking towards technology to innovate and drive change.
Drones have already changed the way weddings are photographed and filmed.
Our purpose-built drones for entertainment are here to change the way we tell stories.
Our drones and service offer an almost infinite combination of movements and colour to beautifully portray the couple’s story in the night sky, creating captivating visuals that light up the wedding celebration


• Consultancy with our animation team as to the design of your special show or message.

• 3D design and online demonstration. • Venue certification “make flight ready.”

• CASA and CAA regulation approvals. • Delivery and coordination of your show.

• Photography or videography extra depending on package.

• Travel costs to be agreed depending on location.

Take your wedding to the next level with an animated drone light show displaying:

• 50 drones in formation up to 100m in the sky.

• Spectacular colourful grid pattern take-off and landing.

• Animations spin 180 degrees so they can be viewed by all guests.

• Show runs for 7 minutes.

• 7 animations – examples below:

— 3D love heart formation

— Spinning diamond ring

— Wedding rings

— Infinity symbol

— Cufflinks

— Married couple’s initials

— LOVE – in words.

— I DO in word