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5 tips to keep your wedding guests on their feet

Updated: Jan 10

1. Create a playlist that is generic to your guests not just your own personal taste. Discuss this with your DJ prior to the the big day.

After all we want everyone to get up and dance thats what we love doing the most. So music selection is key to a succesful dance floor . Don't lock yourself into a partiular Genre as this generally limits the dancefloor and in some occassions it can be a

dancefloor let down.

2. Get up and dance as well, Your guests like getting to dance with you the Bride and Groom. So be prepared to dance the night away with them, your family and friends.

3. Encourage your guests to give us requests , We are always open to requests, your DJ could play all night but we love to get the vibe from the guests too.

We have not met them before so we love it when they let us know what they would love to dance to. As long as it fits and we have time we will play it.

4. Set the tone and the vibe of the night, Keep it up beat and set the bar high, generally we will keep it there all night.

5. And finally as a suggestion, on the RSVP ask for 2 songs from your guests you would be surprised what will come back. this will help you set up your playlist.

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