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Featured Playlists

Our team of professional DJs will curate the perfect playlist for your event, allowing you to customize the music for your guests. We provide a taste of what we do through our selection of playlists on our Spotify page. Each playlist can be found here and by clicking the playlist, you can take you straight to Spotify. We actively engage with your crowd and encourage requests, as we have an extensive library of music at our disposal. However, rest assured that all music will be played directly from our equipment and not from Spotify.

We have Every Playlist covered.
Some of our sample lists below
just scroll down .

The wedding Party

Some of the best Dance classics that get requested at our Weddings

50's and 60's

Rock'n'roll Parties or something for the older Generation

You can play these at home or use these lists to get an idea of what you would like for your event

Disco Dance Classics

A collection of some of the best Disco Classics

The 80's

One of the best decades that set how we hear music now

The Aussie Party

Party and Pub Favorites

The Italian Wedding

all the italian Favorites

The Bollywood Wedding

A great selection of Bollywood hits


A great selection of Greek traditional and modern Music

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