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Engage a professional Master of Ceremonies

Let your family and friends celebrate without the added pressure of being the Master of Ceremonies.

A professional Master of Ceremonies will facilitate the day to perfection.
Master of Ceremonies

I question every couple that want a family member or a friend to play the part of Master of Ceremonies for their biggest day.

Most people think its just about making announcements.

This is far from the truth.

The Master of Ceremonies is the glue, the central facilitator/ organiser on the day.

Yes the venue will play a small part of this but not to the extent a professional Master of Ceremonies will provide.

We the Master of Ceremonies make sure all is in tune during the whole event. Engaging with everyone is a big Key.

I personally don't stop and am on my feet all night, whether its checking in on you or mingling with the guests making sure everyone is happy and enjoying the Day.

The other big part of my role as the Master of Ceremonies is making sure all the vendors are in check, from making sure the venue is on time with food and drinks , to queuing the photographers and videographers making sure they know what is coming up, giving them plenty of notice so they can set up to get the best shots.

Being able to adjust and adapt to last minute changes that are unforeseen.

A family member or friend wont do this, they want to enjoy the festivities with you and not have the added pressure. After all you invited them to celebrate with you, not work for you.

You might think this is saving you a few bucks , but ideally it doesn't, when things go wrong they wont be able to think how do I fix this with minimal disruption to the event.

Take the stress out of the event and let a Professional run the night.

90 percent of weddings that have had a family/ friend step up are disappointed after the day. as they found multiple things went sideways and you as the couple had to deal with it.

I get it when it comes to having a family/friend member as its a personal thing.

But really your doing your self an injustice, most of them wont say no out of guilt as they don't want to disappoint you and feel obliged to do the role. Nerves and stress kick in at the last minute as stage fright happens.

I have taken over on many occasions to save the day from turning to a mess. As i can see the freight train coming before it even leaves the station.

They didn't understand that they had to communicate with everyone ( especially the DJ who has a major role too and needs the time to Que and get things organised on their side)

Being able to read a Runsheet and understand timings are essential.

I give you an example . The Brother was the Master of Ceremonies , it came to the Grand entrance (the start of the party) there were 10 in the bridal party and every one had their own entrance song. The brother did not pause between calling each couple in, just read it as it was . This didnt help with the music ques, or the Photographers as they didnt have time to adjust to capture the big moments, and no one could hear him as he did not know how to use a microphone properly.

Luckily we were responsive to bail out the Brother and help get things on track. As we did not want to se a train wreck happen before our own eyes. The brother was so grateful that we took over. He went to his table and had a drink and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Later we spoke to him and he did say he felt he had to do it, because his sister (the Bride) asked him to be Master of Ceremonies, as he had spoken at a party once before. He thought he was confident. but once he got up there it was a different situation.

Keep this in mind , Just because uncle joe has spoken at a corporate event or a party does not make him a confident Master of Ceremonies when it comes to a Wedding. As they are totally different and have different pressures involved.

Have a stress free day , celebrate with loved ones, enjoy every moment with no pressure.

That's the Master of Ceremonies job to take all the stress and worry. while you sit back and relax and have the best day ever.

Cheers and Happy wedding day.

Mark Jayasekera
Master of Ceremonies

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